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We are delighted you can take a moment to read some information about Origins Foster Care and what it is we do. We would encourage you to make further contact with us if you are interested in hearing more about fostering.

Origins Foster Care agency is an Irish independent fostering agency. It is owned and managed by Mieke Ryan and myself. We are professionally qualified social workers with a combined 50 years’ experience in this field.
Working together to make a positive difference in children’s lives has been the basis on which we launched our agency. We hold a belief that the importance of this cannot be overstated in providing sensitive nurturing care for children in foster care. We see all those working in our agency as a team and this includes our foster carers working together to achieve this goal.

We work in partnership with Tusla to ensure there are clear plans in place to provide guidance to our team to guarantee effective care for the children in our service. Our standards of care are audited by HIQA and Tusla Fostering and Inspection services. We listen to the experience of our foster carers, to continuously develop and shape the quality of the service we provide. We listen to the children in our care, so we can hear directly from the children about the care they receive and use this information to build a transparent and child centered service.

We believe that strong relationships are the glue that holds us together as a team working to achieve our goal of the provision of good quality care. We pride ourselves in listening and communicating clearly across the team within our agency and communicating effectively to all external stakeholders. With this clarity of communication in our relationships we believe it supports the task of caring for children most effectively. We create space in our relationships whilst working together to hear the children’s stories of the care they received before coming to us and how then they need to be cared for on arrival and into the future in our service.

We offer professional support to our foster carers and make sense of the more complicated backgrounds that some children arrive with. We have an interest in how to understand the needs of children in foster care through an attachment and developmental trauma informed lens. We see each child as unique with individual needs and care requirements. No matter how long a child is in our care our goal is to cherish those unique qualities and work to each child’s strengths building resilience in their character to allow them to successfully move through adolescence into independence as adults.

We are a relatively young organisation and we have made a conscious decision to carefully source and select administrative and social work staff who have a senior level of experience in foster care. We are continuously, building and growing our service and adding to our levels of expertise. We are particularly interested in hearing from people who wish to join our team of foster carers and have an interest in additional training in the areas of childhood attachment and trauma and how this can inform an approach to fostering.

We feel privileged to be part of the world of providing good quality foster care placements to children and we look forward to working closely with like-minded foster carers and other professionals over the coming years.

Kind regards,

Eugene Bigley

Operations Manager

Origins Foster Care

A portrait photo of Eugene Bigley, a team member at Origins Foster Care smiling and looking at the camera.
Written by:
Eugene BigleyEugene Bigley
May 26, 2020
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