Journey of Hearts: Home Visits & Origins Supports for Foster Carers

In today's blog, we're changing the focus from the daily life of a foster carer to an often asked question: 'Will there be visits to the home from the children's social worker?'

Welcome back, prospective foster carers! Following our recent chat with Valerie, a dedicated Origins foster carer since 2019, we've got more insights to share. Last time, we peeked into a typical day in the life of a foster family. Today, we're going to delve into one specific aspect of fostering that often sparks curiosity: home visits from the children's social worker.

If you're contemplating becoming a foster carer, you might find yourself asking, "Would there be visits to the home from the children's social worker?" In our latest video, Valerie offers a clear and honest answer to this question, shedding light on the nature and frequency of these visits and how they fit into the fostering journey.

Early Days and the Importance of Support

As with any new venture, the initial period of fostering can be a time of adjustment. The early days often involve more frequent visits from social workers. These visits are not there to scrutinize but to offer support, ensure the child is settling well, and even to organize fun outings with the child, offering you, the foster family, a chance to breathe.

Valerie points out that there may be times when you need more support and other times when you feel more confident. Yes, at first, there may be more footfall at your door with social workers coming and going. However, with time, everyone settles into a rhythm, and things become less hectic.

Fostering: A Shared Journey

Fostering is not a solo mission. Valerie emphasizes that it's a shared journey. Your primary contact might be Origins, but there's also a larger network in place, which includes the child's social worker and other team leaders.

If as a carer, I need extra support, I could look for that support and that they could come and bring them off, go up to the park for a little while.

Balancing the role of a carer with the rest of life's demands can be challenging, Valerie shares. That's when the communication support from Origins comes in handy. You convey your needs to Origins, who then coordinate with everyone involved, allowing you to focus on what's most important: the child.

You can watch Valerie's insightful video about home visits from social workers below.

If you found hearing Valerie's experience helpful, we encourage you to read our previous post where she shares her day-to-day life as a foster carer or what it's like to welcome a child in care into your home.

Feeling ready to take the first step towards becoming a foster carer? We're here, eager to support you on this rewarding journey. Start your Origins fostering journey today by filling out our application form or get in touch with one of our foster care experts to see if foster care is right for you.

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Written by:
Eithne LarkinEithne Larkin
July 4, 2023
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