Journey of Hearts: The Magic of Fostering and the Energy of a Busy Household

Join us on the Journey of Hearts series as we delve into the magic of fostering. Discover how the energy of a busy household and the unique dynamics with a child in care can create a rewarding and magical experience.

Welcome back to our Journey of Hearts series featuring real life stories from foster carers! After exploring the magic of playtime and the joyful moments it brings, we're now shifting our focus to another aspect of foster care: the magic of fostering within a busy household. Today, we'll hear from one of our dedicated foster carers, Valerie, about the unique dynamics and energy in their home.

The Energy of a Busy Household

Foster care is not just about fulfilling responsibilities; it's about embracing the energy and dynamics of a busy household. In the video below, Valerie shares her experience of managing a household with four of her own children and a child in care. The dynamics can be different, sometimes clashing, but it's all part of the fostering experience.

The Magic of Fostering

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a foster carer is witnessing the magic that a child in care brings into the home. Since Valerie's own children are all older, fostering a child allows her own children to share in the magic, joy and energy that having someone younger in the home can bring.

Appreciating the Day-to-day

For Valerie, there's not one single moment that is the most rewarding one when it comes to fostering. Instead, it's the day-to-day moments and the injection of energy that fostering brings which she enjoys most, taking time to just sit in those beautiful moments and truly appreciate them.

Are you ready to experience the magic of fostering and embrace the energy of a busy household? We're here to guide and support you on this incredible journey. Start by filling out our application form to become a foster carer or reach out to our team of experts to determine if foster care is the right path for you.

A portrait photo of Eithne Larkin, a team member at Origins Foster Care smiling and looking at the camera.
Written by:
Eithne LarkinEithne Larkin
July 28, 2023
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