Unpacking the Foster Care Assessment Visits: A Timeline and What to Expect

Are you considering opening your heart and home to a child in need? Trying to understanding the fostering assessment process on your own can be daunting and leave you filled with questions. To guide you through this journey, Origins Foster Care explains how their 16-week assessment process works, aiming to find the best possible fit for both the child and prospective foster carer.

Origins Foster Care Agency is committed to offering a clear and transparent pathway to prospective foster carers. Once you've attended an online information session and taken part in the three day Foundations For Fostering training, you'll be ready to begin the assessment process in earnest.

Your journey to becoming a foster carer continues with a 16-week assessment process, the standard timeline in line with the national standards for fostering. This timeframe commences from the date of your first home screening visit. During the assessment process, you will experience roughly 8 to 12 visits so Origins can get to know more about you and how your unique experiences and situation might impact on any child placed in your care.

What Do The Assessment Visits Look At?

These visits cover a vast array of areas to understand your motivation and readiness to become a foster carer. Beginning with insights gleaned from your training, we explore your family history and current parenting practices if applicable. Other facets such as your health, relationships, identity, household structure, and support networks are also examined. If you already have children, whether they live in your home or not, Origins will arrange meetings with them.

Understanding your expectations and what you hope to get from becoming a foster carer are a crucial part of the fostering process. Origins makes sure to try to understand your hopes and aspirations for fostering, and during this time, we also help you to think about the types of children that might be best suited to your lifestyle and family dynamic.

Assessment & Committee Approval

On completion of these assessment visits, a comprehensive assessment is compiled and given to you for review and sign-off. This assessment is then submitted to the Foster Care Committee for final approval.

The Foster Care Committee consists of an array of professionals, including social workers, health professionals, legal professionals, and adults who have been through the care system. Their role is to consider the assessment and determine your approval as foster carers.

Let Origins Guide & Support You

Often, the thought of entering into the foster care world can be both exciting and overwhelming. The uncertainty about the process, the apprehension about the commitment, and the fear of rejection might sometimes hold you back. But, with Origins Foster Care you never have to navigate these waters alone.

Our ongoing support throughout the application and assessment process gives us a comprehensive understanding of your unique situation and prepares you effectively for the fostering journey ahead. Our thorough process guarantees that if you're approved, you're not only approved but also set up for success. We provide all our carers with guidance and support to help them feel both prepared and capable of providing a nurturing environment for a child in need.

Ready to take the first step towards becoming a foster carer with Origins? Reach out to us today. The best way to contact us is by filling out the enquiry form on our website. You can also connect with us through our social media channels, by email, or telephone. Your journey to creating a positive impact on a child's life starts here!

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June 1, 2023
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