Inside Origins: Cíara Farrell's Lifelong Connection To Fostering & Social Work

In our latest instalment of the "Inside Origins" series, we introduce you to Cíara Farrell, a Senior Practitioner Fostering Link Worker. With a unique perspective shaped by her own experiences growing up in a fostering household, Cíara's journey into social work is both personal and profound.

From a young age, Cíara Farrell was introduced to the world of fostering. Growing up in a home that welcomed children in care, she experienced firsthand the rewards and challenges that come with it.

Today, as a Senior Practitioner Fostering Link Worker at Origins, Cíara channels her personal experiences and a passion inspired by experiences with role models in her childhood to offer unparalleled support to foster carers and children alike.

A Childhood Surrounded by Fostering

Cíara's journey into the realm of social work was deeply personal. Her parents' decision to foster exposed her to the intricacies of the system from a unique vantage point: that of a child living alongside foster siblings. This early immersion cultivated a profound understanding of the foster care landscape, shaping her future career aspirations.

"There was a social worker who was so kind... I just really wanted to be like that and give someone else that feeling that she gave me."

Inspired by a Kind Social Worker

At the tender age of 12 or 13, Cíara encountered a social worker whose kindness and proactive approach left an indelible mark on her. This social worker's genuine interest in Cíara and her family's well-being stood out, highlighting the positive impact that dedicated professionals can have. Inspired by this experience, Cíara aspired to offer the same level of support and compassion to others.

From Trinity College to Origins

After completing her social work training at Trinity College Dublin – which happens to be the same university her Origins colleague Nikki Darcy studied at – Cíara embarked on her professional journey, initially working with Túsla.

Her experiences there, combined with her personal insights as a support figure for her fostering parents, equipped her with a unique perspective on the needs of foster carers. In 2020, she joined Origins, an agency that resonated with her values and allowed her to deeply engage with carers, addressing their specific challenges.

A Focus on Personalised Support

At Origins, Cíara's approach is deeply personal. She emphasises the importance of truly understanding the individual sitting across from her, whether it's a foster carer or a child in care. By investing time in getting to know them, she can tailor her support to their unique needs, changing trajectories and instilling hope.

The Power of Experience

Last week, we saw how Eithne's connection to fostering as a foster carer, her education, and expertise all coalesce to create a unique vantage point from which she offers potential carers guidance and support.

Like Eithne, Cíara's connection to the world of fostering has not only shaped and informed her career, but has  influenced the lives of the many foster carers and children she has worked with. Witnessing the transformative power of dedicated care and support reaffirms her belief in the work she does every day.

Are you inspired by Cíara's journey and passionate about making a difference in a child's life? Discover how you can embark on your own fostering journey with Origins. Apply to become a carer online or reach out to us today and take the first step towards a rewarding future.

A portrait photo of Eithne Larkin, a team member at Origins Foster Care smiling and looking at the camera.
Written by:
Eithne LarkinEithne Larkin
October 20, 2023
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