Inside Origins: Discover The Real Reasons You Need A Fostering Link Worker When You Become A Carer

Dive into the world of foster care with Cíara Farrell, a dedicated Fostering Link Worker at Origins, as she shares insights into her role, responsibilities, and the importance of supporting those who foster so they can provide the very best level of care.

At Origins Foster Care, our dedicated team plays various roles to ensure the well-being of both the children and the families we work with. One such pivotal role is that of a Fostering Link Worker. In the last instalment of Inside Origins, we explored Cíara's deeply personal connection to foster care and her inspiration for becoming a social worker. Today, we delve deeper into this role with Cíara Farrell, who shares her experiences and responsibilities as a Fostering Link Worker at Origins.

The Role of a Fostering Link Worker

Cíara explains, "A fostering link worker, also known as a fostering social worker, is essentially the social worker designated to the foster family." While every child in care has their own social worker managing the legal aspects and ensuring the child's overall well-being, the fostering link worker acts as a bridge.

"I would have regular supervision with my families where we... talk it through and make sure that we're doing everything for the child that needs to be done."

They provide support to the foster family, guiding them through the intricacies of the fostering system and ensuring they have all the resources they need.

Bridging the Gap

Cíara plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth communication between the foster family and the child's Tusla social worker, becoming a necessary link between the two parties.

As a fostering link worker, Cíara helps ensure that communication stays strong and that a lack of understanding of the complex legal systems in Ireland or certain fostering terminology won't prevent the foster carers from giving the children in care the right level of support.

This liaison role is crucial, as it ensures that the foster family feels supported and understood, while also ensuring that the child's needs are met comprehensively.

Building Connections with the Entire Family

For Cíara, her role isn't just about the child in care. She believes in understanding and connecting with the entire foster family. "If there are any biological children living at home, I make an effort to get to know them as well," she shares. This holistic approach ensures that every member of the family feels supported and understood.

The role of a Fostering Link Worker is multifaceted, requiring dedication, empathy, and a deep understanding of both the child's and the family's needs. Cíara's passion and commitment to her role at Origins Foster Care exemplify the difference one individual can make in the lives of many.

Inspired by Cíara's dedication and the impactful role of a Fostering Link Worker? Consider joining the Origins family and make a lasting difference in the lives of children in need of care. Fill out the application form online or get in touch with our dedicated support team today!

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Written by:
Eithne LarkinEithne Larkin
November 1, 2023
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