Inside Origins: Get To Know Eithne, Origins' First Point Of Contact For New Foster Carers

Meet Eithne Larkin, an experienced foster carer herself and the Recruitment & Marketing Coordinator at Origins Foster Care and the first point of contact for anyone considering becoming a foster carer.

Welcome back to our "Inside Origins" series, where we shine a light on some of the incredible people working at Origins Foster Care. In the previous instalment, we heard from Nikki Darcy, the Social Work Team Lead. Nikki shared a little about her role, her education and past experience, and the impact she feels she can make in her role. Today, we're privileged to share the journey of Eithne Larkin, the Recruitment & Marketing Coordinator, whose personal and professional experiences shape the heart of Origins and the experience of anyone looking to become a foster carer.

The Voice Behind the Connection

When you reach out to Origins, whether it's through a call, email, or social media, it's Eithne's warm voice that greets you. With over 21 years of experience as a foster carer herself, she possesses an unparalleled insight into the intricacies of fostering, from understanding the challenges and worries to celebrating the victories small and large.

A Unique Blend of Experience and Expertise

Eithne's background is rich and varied. Not only does she have firsthand experience as a foster carer, but her academic pursuits in childhood and youth studies, coupled with her fascination with childhood trauma, equip her with a deep understanding of the children at the heart of foster care. Also experienced as a life coach, she employs her skills to delve deep, helping potential foster carers discern if this path is the right one for them.

Understanding the Foster Care Decision

Deciding to become a foster carer is a big life decision and Eithne, as a carer herself, knows the multitude of thoughts and concerns that can fill one's mind: "Will I be able to do it? What if a child has to leave my care? How will my family cope?"

"I understand all of that, so I can share my personal experiences with people who are contemplating becoming foster care. I know how it impacts your life, the challenges you face, but also the rewards along the way."

Having walked this path herself, Eithne is uniquely positioned to share her personal experiences, offering a comforting perspective to those contemplating this noble journey.

She explains that she understands "all of that, so I can share my personal experiences with people who are contemplating becoming foster care. I know how it impacts your life, the challenges you face, but also the rewards along the way."

The Impact and Rewards of Fostering

Beyond the challenges, Eithne is a testament to the profound rewards of fostering. She speaks of the subtle yet significant changes in the children in care, emphasising how these moments, though they might seem small, can be monumental for a foster carer.

Eithne Larkin is more than just the recruitment coordinator at Origins; she's examplary of the understanding, guidance, and support that Origins offers for those considering becoming a foster carer for the first time. Her journey underscores the essence of Origins – we're an organisation where experience meets passion – where every child's well-being is at the heart of each decision.

Feeling inspired by Eithne's journey and considering fostering? Fill in our short form to apply to become a foster carer with Origins Foster Care here or get in touch with our team to embark on your own fostering journey today!

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Eugene BigleyEugene Bigley
October 9, 2023
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