Inside Origins: Denise’s Pivotal Support for Incoming Foster Carers

Explore how Denise, a Recruitment and Assessment Administrator at Origins since 2018, provides essential support to incoming foster carers, guiding them through their initial steps in the fostering process.

Our Inside Origins series continues with a focus on Origins Foster Care's Recruitment and Assessment Administrator, Denise Galvin. Working within the foster care sector for ten years and with Origins Foster Care since 2018, Denise has been a cornerstone in assisting new applicants with Origins through the initial steps, checks, and paperwork involved in becoming a foster carer. Her role is critical in smoothing the transition for applicants as they navigate the sometimes complex process of becoming a foster carer.

Guiding New Carers from Start to Finish

Denise’s work begins the moment an enquiry is made and continues through to the approval of new foster carers. She expertly manages all the necessary background checks and paperwork, ensuring that each step is clear and manageable for applicants. Her meticulous attention to detail and supportive nature are instrumental in preparing foster carers for their roles.

I build a professional relationship right from the start to make that individual feel comfortable. A lot of people can find paperwork overwhelming – the best of us do... My role really is to guide the applicant step-by-step through all that paperwork and to support them.

A Typical Day for Denise

A day in Denise’s life involves a lot of interactions aimed at supporting, guiding, and reassuring applicants. She is frequently on the phone, addressing concerns about paperwork, explaining the purposes of various checks like Garda vetting, and ensuring that every foster carer prospect feels informed and at ease with the process.

Breaking Down Barriers

Denise excels in translating the often intricate language of foster care into simple terms. Whether it’s explaining the importance of consent forms or the specifics of child protection checks, she is committed to making these essential elements as straightforward as possible. Her ability to demystify the fostering process helps applicants feel more confident and less daunted by the journey ahead.

Denise’s pivotal role at Origins Foster Care not only helps bring clarity to the more complicated areas around foster care applications, but also ensures that every new carer receives the support and understanding they need to succeed. Her dedication is a testament to the power of effective communication and empathetic guidance provided to all carers with Origins.

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A portrait photo of Eithne Larkin, a team member at Origins Foster Care smiling and looking at the camera.
Written by:
Eithne LarkinEithne Larkin
May 4, 2024
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