Journey of Hearts: Playtime Magic and Joyful Fostering Moments

Join us on the Journey of Hearts series as we explore the magic of playtime in the heartwarming world of foster care. Discover how joyful fostering moments and imaginative play can create deep connections and lasting memories

Welcome back to our Journey of Hearts series where we delve into the what it means to be a foster carer! After discussing the requirements and responsibilities of being a foster parent in recent blog posts, we're now shifting our focus to the heart of foster care: the joyful fostering moments that make it all worth it. Today, we'll hear from one of our dedicated foster carers, Valerie, about a day that brought them immense joy.

The Magic of Free Play

Foster care is not just about fulfilling responsibilities; it's about creating a safe and nurturing environment where a child can freely express themselves. In the latest installment in Journey of Hearts, Valerie shares a truly delightful day when the child in her care had a day off from school.

The child spent the entire day in the garden, making magic potions, playing with dinosaurs, and having the freedom to do what children do best, let their imagination take the lead. This is one of the many joyful fostering moments that our carers cherish.

Play is a child’s natural language and it is vital for children who have experienced trauma and loss to be able to express themselves through play and creativity.

The Importance of Play

At Origins Foster Care, we fully understand the importance of play as a way for children to have fun, learn, develop and grow.

As Mieke Ryan, the Head of Fostering at Origins Foster Care, says, "Play is a child’s natural language and it is vital for children who have experienced trauma and loss to be able to express themselves through play and creativity.

"When foster carers engage regularly in play and creative activities with children in their care, it helps them to build a new attachment and a sense of connection and safety with their carers."

Embracing the Messy Moments

Foster care is about embracing the messy moments, both literally and figuratively. In the video below, Valerie shares the joy of seeing the child's creativity and imagination bloom with just the right amount of support and freedom.

These moments may be messy, but they're filled with heaps of laughter, joy, and learning, making them some of the most memorable and joyful moments for foster carers.

Did Valerie's story of play & imagination, magic potions and dinosaurs just melt your heart? If so, maybe you're ready to experience the joy of foster care first-hand and take your first step towards making a difference for a child in need? We're here to guide and support you on this incredible journey. Start by filling out our application form to become a foster carer or reach out to our team of experts to determine if foster care is the right path for you.

A portrait photo of Eithne Larkin, a team member at Origins Foster Care smiling and looking at the camera.
Written by:
Eithne LarkinEithne Larkin
July 21, 2023
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